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2016 By Farr RP Cote Vineyard Pinot Noir

2016 By Farr RP Cote Vineyard Pinot Noir

The 2016 RP is the By Farr Pinot that seems to be getting all the attention this year and would be our pick of the super premium releases...'

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  • The By Farr RP Pinot Noir is made in recognition of the matriarch of the Farr dynasty (Robyn Pamela) and is suitably the absolute pinnacle Pinot Noir produced by the estate.

    This special wine is sourced from the Cote Vineyard, using a very select parcel of fruit that is close planted, on an exposed hill facing North and North East, to a combination of black volcanic soil, limestone and grey loam. It is a highly regarded and unique block. 

    It is an extraordinary first release, and absolute defines the complexity and age-worthy character of these most famous wines. One for the cellars, it might be on of the best Australian Pinot Noirs ever released. 


    The fruit is hand-picked and sorted in the vineyard, then fermented in an open-top fermenter. Between 40 to 50 per cent of the fruit will be stemmed and then cold soaked for four days. We use only the natural yeast for the fermentation process, which takes roughly 19 days. Grape-stomping (known as pigeage) will occur two to three times a day depending on the amount of extraction required, and the wine is then placed in 50 to 60 per cent new Allier barrels by gravity. It is racked by gas after secondary fermentation, then again at 18 months to be bottled.

    The fruit for this wine is sourced from the Cote Vineyard as is the GC Chardonnay. A close planted / high density planting of Pinot Noir on a exposed cote. These hillsides facing North, North East and East will be the backbone of the Farr dynasty for decades to come.

    They consist of the most suitable clones, rootstocks, trellising and management you fill find for our landscape. This is our tribute to what ‘Gazza’ has achieved and provoked over 40 years not only in our region but for chardonnay and pinot noir of Australia.


    This wine is pretty and so very perfumed. The cote sites simply produce amazing smoothness and calmness that stretches the length of the palate as with the GC. Abundance of fruit leading to fine and detailed tannin structure. We have been playing with the fruit from these vineyards for more than 8 years, fine tuning the style of wine that these vineyards are producing.


    Previous Vintage

    'Deepish red colour with a strong purple tint; the bouquet herbal, stemmy and obviously there's been a lot of whole-bunch. The wine is concentrated, opulent and fleshy, with abundant fruit-sweetness in the mid-palate and a gorgeous, hedonistic finish and aftertaste. A brilliant pinot: exotic, decadent and very satisfying to drink.'

    97 Points - Huon Hooke

    'It’s grown on a high density vineyard and gets the full quality treatment in the winery. Funny thing is that this didn’t grab me at first. I mean, I liked it, just not as much as you’d hope to like a wine priced at this level. I really had just pulled the cork and poured though; and this turned out to be important. This needs some air. Not a lot but give it 30 minutes or so. It seemed sweet and fleshy at first, because it is, but given time to breathe it turned drier and more sinewy, which isn’t overly unusual  but is kind of the opposite way around to what we’re programmed to expect with Australian wine. The fruit doesn’t open up; the structure does. Once this wine is in full flight we see incredible structure, balance, texture and length, and given that it’s a By Farr wine complexity is a given. And so we march straight into elite territory. By the second glass I was mesmerised. Talk about good. It cost me $100 to take the family to a movie, choc tops included, with water. The choc tops were kind of flavourless, I’d forgotten the movie by the time the credits started rolling, the water tasted of plastic. Know a better way I could have spent that money.'
    96 Points - Campbell Mattinson