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2016 Hurley Vineyard Garamond Mornington Peninsula

2016 Hurley Vineyard Garamond Mornington Peninsula

'There's just something about this wine. An energy. The X factor. It exudes power and concentration without losing focus or drive.'
96 Points - Jane Faulkner

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Cellar to 2030
Mornington Peninsula
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Cellar to 2030
Mornington Peninsula
  • Take a pair of high-flying legal eagles who turned wine from a hobby to a mini industry and quickly built a reputation for high-class Mornington Peninsula pinot and you have Hurley Vineyard. The brainchild of judge Kevin Bell and solicitor Tricia Byrnes, Hurley Vineyard has over the past decade emerged as a beacon of quality single-site pinots made with tremendous care and affection.'
    Winsor Dobbin

    Hurley are a specialist Pinot Noir producer in the Balnarring region of the Mornington Peninsula. Known for their exemplary, terroir-driven wines, they are infinitely dense, complex and beguiling and will reward patient cellaring. As production is strictly limited and the majority of the wines are sold via their mailing list members, it is a winery that rarely ever sees the light of day in the retail world.

    The Garamond exudes effortless style. It ripens evenly and is always harvested last. It is classical. In this wine, the fragrance of Hurley Vineyard is the perfume of the boudoir. It is a step up in complexity and intensity. In the palate, there is usually an array of soft, red fruits, plus meat, mushrooms and cake spice. It is succulent, creamy and sweet, but balanced by lively acidity. The wine usually tastes of red minerals and has fine, silky tannins. There is often toffee. The palate is typically tight and firm in its youth, opening up as time goes on. Garamond is complete, ends fresh and lives long.

  • The wines are all fermented in the same way in four distinct phases, each equally important, the aim being to reveal the inherent nature of the fruit. The wine is kept separate right up to bottling. First, there is an aqueous cold soaking. At 10-14°C, the grape bunches are gently de-stemmed into open vats.

    The cool, intact berries (no stems) are soaked in their own juice (no alcohol yet) for 5-7 days, building up inside the berries wonderful, pure flavours and aromas. Second, there is a spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with wild yeast for 5-7 days. The must is plunged by hand twice a day. There is no pumping over, no addition of enzymes, yeast food or other substances, and seldom any addition of acid (harvesting early helps to retain enough natural acid). The temperature rises to about 33°C. Third, the fermented must macerates on skins in the presence of alcohol for 5-7 days.

    Fourth, the skins are basket-pressed and combined with the free-run wine for oak maturation. After fermentation, Hurley Vineyard Pinot Noir is matured in French oak barrels (228L made in Burgundy) from the forests of Troncais and Allier for about 18 months, of which one quarter to one half are new. We preferably use barrels made from staves conditioned in the open air in Burgundy for three years. The wine undergoes malolactic fermentation in barrel and remains on lees (for development of texture and complexity) for about eighteen months. It is racked once before bottling without filtration. Occasionally, it is very lightly fined with egg white. Sealed with Diam Corks.


    The deep garnet colour leads to a complex, opulent nose of black cherries, raspberries, cassis and red currents. All manner of brambly fruits explode powerfully in a palate that is also infused with lambs fry and dried herbs. Taut at this stage but not austere, it has tannins that are mouth-coating and ultra-fine. A linear structure supports the wine for the long haul, it has a tightness of grain that needs time to open and evolve This has endless persistence of flavour and finishes with a shimmering peacock's tail! Alc/vol 13.9%. To 2028+

  • Hurley Vineyard Pinot Noir is made by traditional methods on the estate. They have stated their philosophy and objective as – the expression of terroir with the honest purity of the peal of a bell. Their techniques for harvesting, fermenting and maturing the wines are all directed at revealing the truth about these wines and the place from which they come, and perhaps a little about themselves. They want to celebrate and contribute to the evolution of a modern, vibrant Australian culture. Hurley Vineyard Pinot Noir is usually garnet. It is typically fragrant, has a lovely mouth-feel and tastes intensely of plums, forest fruits and brown spice, with savoury nuances. There is red minerality. The wines are linear in structure, have nice tannins and linger in the palate. All the wines age well, the single vineyards more so – say eight to twelve years.

  • 96 POINTS


    Very good hue, medium to full red/purple, with a very elusive nose, the bouquet shy and the palate flavours intense and powerful, and quite inspiring. The finish is very long and the wine is all-round rich but also complex and savoury. It came out of its shell with a bit of airing. Rich, full of flavour and weighty, with abundant soft tannins balancing beautifully. Love the flavours - black spicy and foresty mystery, a touch of Campari. Good peristence.'

    96 POINTS


    There's just something about this wine. An energy. The X factor. It exudes power and concentration without losing focus or drive. Heady aromas of warm earth, spice and florals, with a core of sweet, plump dark cherries with charcuterie-like complexity; decisive tannins and freshness. A complete wine with exceptional length.'

    94 POINTS


    Red flowers, redcurrants, raspberries and blood plums with notes of cinnamon, cloves and musky spice; medium in weight, long and crunchy.'


    Even those who don't like Pinot would find it hard to say they didnt like this and those who do will probably wet themselves. Have some bamboo handy.' 9.3/10 Points