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2017 Pooley Cooinda Vale Chardonnay


Our Price: $59.99 / bottle (RRP: $65.00 ) Case: 6 x 750ml

'Sometimes the quality of a wine lifts it well above the pack. It’s not over-made, nor is it under-made; it’s all just so. It’s a wine characterized by its purity, line, and length.'
97 Points - Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

  • Pooley Wines is a five star rated multi award winning Tasmanian family winery located in the heart of the Tasmania’s famous wine producing region, the Coal River Valley.

    This is the third release of the celebrated Cooinda Vale single vineyard, where once the fruit used to make its way into Penfolds famed Yattarna Chardonnay project.

    It is a prodigious and phenomenal wine. Powerful impact of diamond tipped fruit, with racy grapefruit zing, barley sugar, chamomile and cashew. It's intensity is resounding and a pertinent reminder as to why the International wine cognosceti are flocking to Tasmania in droves. Holy sheets Batman, this is good stuff. Anna Pooley is in a league of her own when it comes to Tasmanian Chardonnay, there is an x-factor here not seen elsewhere, and I would imagine given a few substantial years of lying down, that this might even get better with age. 


    Cooinda Vale Vineyard - Campania

    SOIL: Sandy Loams over Sandstone
    ASPECT: North East Facing
    ELEVATION: 80m-100m
    VARIETALS: Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

    Established in 1985, the Cooinda Vale vineyard is ideally positioned facing northeast overlooking the Coal River in southern Tasmania. On the 43.5 Latitude line, the vineyard is planted on northeast facing slopes between 80 and 100m above sea level. This is a unique microclimatic location, being well protected from prevailing winds but still highly influenced by maritime conditions. The long growing season, which can extend into May, with high sunshine hours, predominately winter rainfall and the occasional frost and snow, combine to provide an excellent condition for cool climate grape varieties, such as Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Riesling and Chardonnay.

    The soils are Brown-Black dermosol subsoil, high in acid (associated with alluvial plains and river terraces) over decaying sandstone, with friable clay subsoil. Because of the sloping aspect, the drainage is excellent


    The nose is bright with vanilla, toast, white peach and hazelnut. The palate is long and complex, racy grapefruit acidity while holding a creamy texture, pristine citrus, cashew, flint and spice. The structure, length, line and power of this wine is phenomenal. It displays the character and complexity of Cooinda Vale and has the potential for a long and rewarding cellar life.


    'I first tasted this back in May at an event called Vinosphere, on the same morning I arrived back from Italy, so while I was a little jet-lagged and woozy, and perhaps in some kind of post-Negroni and warm nuts haze, it was a wine that woke me up, and made me sharp. Sometimes the quality of a wine lifts it well above the pack.

    It’s not over-made, nor is it under-made; it’s all just so. It’s a wine characterized by its purity, line, and length. There’s a silky almond gloss and flavour, mild lemon and grapefruit, perhaps some pie apple with spice, though its flavours are subdued, yet beautifully clean. The rain-washed-white-pebble kind of acidity (well, you have to talk some shit, every now and then as it’s part of the brief), is something else. As is the aforementioned length. Expect subtlety and quiet confidence, but don’t come seeking oak and peaches. Here’s a Chardonnay for you.'

    97 Points - Gary Walsh, The Wine Front

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