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2018 Artisans of Barossa Grenache Project

2018 Artisans of Barossa Grenache Project

'They collaborated last year on Grenache Project 2017 – an experiment designed to explore the role of terroir. And let me tell you, they made six glorious Grenache.' James Halliday, Weekend Australian Magazine

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  • The Artisans of Barossa is a winemaking collective of sorts, founded by a group of like-minded winemakers who want to protect and promote small-batch, sub-regional winemaking. The group is comprised of:

    John and Tim Duval (John Duval Wines)
    Corey Ryan and Simon Cowham (Sons of Eden)
    Jaysen Collins (Massena)
    Peter Schell (Spinifex)
    Jason Schwarz (Scharz Wine Co.)
    and Greg and Alison Hobbs (Hobbs of Barossa)

    The Grenache Project is a brilliant initiative, where the Artisans all took fruit from the same vineyard, and applied their individual winemaking nouse to it. The idea behind the project is to showcase the terroir of the vineyard, but also how various different winemaking techniques can influence the outcome of the final product. The result is six dramatically different wines, all interesting and all good. 

    For all the tasting notes and relevant information to the case - check it out online here.


    For the 2018 vintage, all six wines are being made from the ‘Kylie’s Garden’ vineyard at Stockwell. A 40 year old bush vine vineyard that yielded a crop of small, intensely flavoured berries. Each winemaker was allocated a single row, and each picked one tonne of fruit, which will make around two barrels of delicious Barossa Grenache.


    The recommended tasting order from the Artisans (if tasting as a set), is:

    Schwarz: Light cherry-red in colour, lifted, green curry spices, hints of rhubarb complexity, pepper and creaming soda aromatics. A soft juicy palate with some bunchy undertones and red cherry and apple-skin flavours. Mid to light bodied, finishing bright and refreshing.

    Schell: Ruby-red in colour. Vibrant florals with rosewater and cherry-fruit spice aromas, and a lifted, complex white pepper and cab-mac confectionary influence. A fleshy, juicy and cushioned palate with some chewy textural vanillin and dusty tannin edges. The wine finishes with impeccable balance. Overall an alluring, mid to full bodied, juicy and refreshing style.

    Ryan/Cowham: Ruby-red in colour. Focused white pepper, curry spice and dried winterherb aromas surround cherry-blossom influences on the nose. A fleshy, soft and succulent mid-palate which finishes with textural, bunchy chewiness. Overall a seductive array of complexity both on the aroma and palate, the wine is mid to full bodied, fresh and inviting in style.

    Duval: Ruby-red in colour. Displaying a complex mix of lifted game, earth, redapple skin and raspberry candy aromas on the nose. A rounded, soft palate with robust blackcurrant flavours, finishing with chewy and textural tannin. A complex mid to full bodied wine of great depth and intrigue.

    Hobbs: Plum-red in colour, with lifted cherry, liquorice and baked apple aromas. A crisp and polished mid-palate, with great intensity of flavour finishing with good structural tannin undertones. A rich and ripe wine, full-bodied in style and packed with loads of Grenache varietal character.

    Collins: Plum-red in colour. The nose is a complex array of freshly tilled earth, dried meats, game and savoury spice aromas. Fleshy, dark-cherry flavours with charming rustic chewy tannins, and refreshing acidity. A wholesome wine with great length of flavour, rich and full-bodied style.


    'Artisans of Barossa are a bunch of like-minded souls from six wineries who share a goal to “promote small batch, sub-regional winemaking. They collaborated last year on Grenache Project 2017 – an experiment designed to explore the role of terroir. And let me tell you, they made six glorious Grenache.'
    James Halliday, Weekend Australian Magazine

    'There are all manner of groups and initiatives that have proposed a collective yet individual approach to a winemaking schemata, but by my reckoning none so far where a single vineyard of grenache has been explored through the lens of six, diverse winemakers.'
    Mike Bennie, The Wine Front