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2018 Yangarra Estate Noir Red Blend

2018 Yangarra Estate Noir Red Blend

Hands down, one of the most exciting red wines Australia has seen in years. This is an absolute treat. A classic Chateauneuf-esque blend, made from a coterie of varietals, that will leave you speechless when you taste it. A hauntingly beautiful wine, that will have you second-guessing its most humble price.

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  • Yangarra is one of the most fundamentally exciting wineries around, and with this, the 2018 Noir, their first ever vintage of this Southern Rhone inspired blend, they upped the stakes even higher.

    Made from Grenache Noir, Mourvedre, Shiraz, Cinsault, Carignan & Counoise, using only older oak, it is like diving head-first into a garden of summer fruits and spice. The fragrance is so evocative, reminding me at first of new-wave Priorat winemaking before it gets to the Chateauneuf style it is trying to emulate. Juicy, fun, thoughtful. You name it.

    I don't think MWG has tried a wine this good, this charming, and this universally appealing in eons, especially at this price. We are thoroughly hooked, and would love to see more winemakers throwing their hand at blends like this (Peter Fraser, Yangarra's chief winemaker worked side by side with Guillaume Camougrand to craft this beauty).

    If only we could have bought the whole vintage (trust me, we tried).


    2018 was a text book growing season, with good winter rains, and favourable weather conditions during a very mild spring. We had a generally dry summer, which led to earlier than expected picking dates, especially with lower than average yields. By the end of February and early march the Autumnal nights got quite cool, which really slowed down the ripening process.

    There are 100 hectares of vineyards at Yangarra in 35 individual blocks. These vineyards are spread amongst an extra 70 hectares of creeks, native vegetation and native corridors. Each block is defined by different aspects and subtle variations of the sand and Ironstone soils that overlie the ancient North Maslin Sands geological formation. Our Noir is a careful blending of Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvèdre, Cinsaut, Carignan and Counoise in which the composition varies from year to year, conveying the traditional estate blends of the southern Rhône. The backbone of the wine comes from our old bush vine Grenache planted in 1946.

    REGION: Kangarilla, McLaren Vale
    VINE AGE: Grenache 71 year-old vines; Shiraz 18-22 year-old vines, Mourvèdre 13 year-old vines
    ELEVATION: 150-211m above sea level
    SOIL TYPE: Various

    Winemaking -  The grapes were harvested at night and received by way of a belt elevator (rather than a screw hopper which macerates the skins) and only de-stemmed. Whole berries were double sorted before going into open-top fermenters. We cold soaked the fermentation tanks for 5-6 days until the onset of wild fermentation, utilising the yeasts that naturally come in with the grapes from the vineyard. The open fermenters underwent a careful regime of plunging and drain and returns. The wine was then sent to older French barriques after about 12-14 days and kept on the yeast lees for approximately 12 months prior to blending. The wine received no fining, just filtration.

    ALCOHOL: 14.0%
    TA: 6.1 g/L pH: 3.49
    WINEMAKER: Peter Fraser & Guillaume Camougrand


    This is what Yangarra supplied for their tasting note... 'Lifted fragrance, with bright flavour and vibrant acidity.'

    It's a bit short. Madness, we say. This is a hoot, and you could probably scribe out paragraphs of descriptors to only just scratch the surface of what's on offer. 

    Let's just say, tasting this wine feels like you can eek out each individual component varietal in the mix; the Grenache giving its usual lick of red forest berries all juicy and plump, the mataro a earthier undertone with blackberries, Shiraz a dark spectrum with violets and elderflower, Cinsault and Counoise the floral lift.


    'This Yangarra Estate Noir 2018 is more than just a good value drink, however, it’s a watershed wine. Something that can change perspectives about what Australian red wine should/could taste like. And all for just $25 a bottle.


    It’s a blend of 40% Grenache, 21% Mourvèdre, 14% Shiraz, 12% Cinsaut, 11% Carignan, 2% Counoise from estate-grown, certified organic fruit. So Chateauneuf, but in McLaren Vale. Fruit is hand picked and mechanically sorted, with 50% whole berries in the mix, the juice wild fermented before spending 10 months in old oak.

    That’s a lot of care for a $25 red wine, and it shows in the finished product – the Noir is a perfectly pitched red. Only medium bodied, there’s an absolute riot of raspberry fruit. Juicy, vibrant, utterly addictive red and blackberry fruit, in a soft, but not unsubstantial mode. It’s plump. Generous. Softly spoken. Unadulterated. It’s a joven style, but with more structure and much more intensity than your average light red. And so so pure.'

    94 Points - Andrew Graham

    'It's only April and perhaps we've seen the bargain of the year. Wickedly juicy, one glass just isn't enough.
    The latest addition to the Yangarra Estate range, the brand's ongoing commitment to Rhone varieties has delivered this blend of Grenache, Mourvedre, Shiraz, Cinsault, Carignan and Counoise 40/21/14/12/11/2.
    Handpicked, 50% whole berries, wild yeast ferment with 100% old French oak for 10 months. Certified organic and biodynamic.
    Flirtatious and dancy, this is a wine that screams nothing but pleasure. Earthy with some funk, but it's the absolute shower of red and blackberry fruit that just oozes charm. Medium bodied, the generous flow of fruit caresses the mouth filling every crevice with ease. Super smooth with the slurp factor sky high, stop at nothing to buy as much as you can.
    Drink now to six years.'
    94 Points - Q Wines

    'Don't normally mention individual wines that we've tasted but look out for a new wine from Yangarra called Noir. Its stablemate is the Yangarra Blanc 2018 which won best white wine of show in McLaren Vale. Noir 2018 is a blend of Grenache (40 percent), Mourvedre (21 percent), Shiraz (14 percent), Cinsaut (12 percent), Carignan (11 percent) and Counoise (2 percent). Beautiful, fresh, lively, happy wine it is too. The bottle's empty before you know it. $25. Too easy.'

    Wine Business Magazine - The Week That Was