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NV Alfred Gratien Champagne Brut


Our Price: $75.00  / bottle (RRP: $92.00) Case: 6 x 750ml

'It's rich, powerful and dramatic, really fills the mouth and lasts long on the aftertaste. Seldom does one see such concentration in an NV Champagne!'
97 Points -  Huon Hooke

  • Aside from Krug, Gratien are the only other major Champagne house to ferment in oak barrels. Over the years, the dosage levels have been reduced (7-8 grams), less Pinot Meunier used, and more Chardonnay and Grand Cru fruit is blended into the Classique NV brut.  

    The barrel fermentation is the special part about Alfred Gratien. 4 year old Chablis barrels are used to impart that nutty, brioche aroma,  providing slightly more oxidative handling in the process. The wines are round, complex and full of manzanilla like richness.

    Huon Hooke recently awarded this wine 97 points (for the exact same base wine/reserve blend as currently listed).


    An exemplary champagne brut for its category, with a greater emphasis on bubbles than wine. It has benefited from its reserve wine content and its maturation in cellars. Superb complexity that combines young aromas with notes gained through maturation in cellars.


    The pale yellow hue of this wine's robe is complemented by its lively effervescence. The bubbles are small and quick to rise to a fine mousse.

    The nose is moderately intense yet complex. The sweet pastry, biscuit and orchard fruit notes are followed and enhanced by hints of citrus, white flowers and fresh butter.

    The initial taste is clean: this is a very silky and sparkling wine whose sugar content works well with its body. There is a certain chalky minerality and the texture is smooth. It is characterful without being overbearing.

    The finish is crisp, with a slight mineral undertone, and long at 6 to 8 seconds. It leaves an excellently balanced acidic aftertaste, with a sugar component that is undeniably pleasing on the palate



    'Mid-straw colour with a mellow, complex bouquet revealing some barrel-fermentation as well as age development. Very attractive and very nutty. The palate is intense and dry, an incisive, penetrating flavour powered by good acidity (non-malo). It's rich, powerful and dramatic, really fills the mouth and lasts long on the aftertaste. Seldom does one see such concentration in an NV Champagne! Superb wine, dry but not austere - the finish is tremendous. This is an example of how oak can be used in a positive way.'
    97 points, Huon Hooke (Current Base Vintage)

    'Bright, light to mid-yellow colour and a fresh aldehyde aroma, showing fresh baked bread and some sherry-like notes - freshly bottled manzanilla. Its very frisky and intense in the mouth, with high acidity and penetrating line. Fluffy mousse fills the roof of the mouth. A statuesque Champagne, dry and serious and loaded with flavour and character. Impressive wine. Possibly a non-malo style? Searing acidity! It would be an excellent and adaptable food wine.'

    95 Points, Huon Hooke (Tasted 6/8/14)


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