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Clase Azul Tequila Plata

Clase Azul Tequila Plata

'Clase Azul has a very delicate aroma with sweet candied notes of papaya, mango and lemon zest. Quite a sweet sipper.'
93 Points - Brock Schulte, Distiller.com

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  • Sitting high in the town of Jesus-Maria in the Jalisco region is Clase Azul. The focus of master distiller Arturo Lomeli, is creating ultra high quality tequila, using artisanal techniques and traditional methods. The agave he uses to craft these exceptional spirits, are all farmed using organic methods, and are left to mature for an unbelievable 9 years before harvesting. This ensures maximum flavour development and higher sugar levels, resulting in a tequila of unparalleled smoothness. All of their tequilas are then bottled in hand-made and hand-painted Talavera carafes.

    The Plata or Blanco tequila is the un-aged expression, seeing only a short period in stainless steel tank after distillation. The focus here is on purity of spirit, which is obtained through Clase Azul's carefully filtered water, and the use of the heart-cut of the distillate. This is NOT a tequila for slamming!


    9 year old, organic agave. 100% Blue Weber Agave. The pinas (agave hearts) are slowly cooked for 72 hours in traditional brick ovens, before crushing and fermentation using a special 'house-blend' of yeasts. Double distilled using a pot still, then triple filtered and settled in stainless steel tanks before bottling.


    A clean, sweet, flowery, fruity aroma with a herbal note and a hint of vanilla. There's some agave character here too, as well as pepper and spice. Subtle mineral notes too, with just a hint of smoke. The palate is fruity and peppery, with more agave character and an underlying sweetness, leading to an incredibly smooth finish.


    'Clase Azul has a very delicate aroma with sweet candied notes of papaya, mango and lemon zest. Quite a sweet sipper with lots of caramelized brown sugar and soft notes of black pepper. The finish is long and strong of with flavors of butterscotch and crystallized honey, almost like an American cream soda.'
    93 Points - Brock Schulte, Distiller.com