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Dasher and Fisher Gin 3 Pack

Dasher and Fisher Gin 3 Pack

'The gift box is fun. Not only do they make good cocktails, they taste good neat and comparing them is fascinating.' 
Huon Hooke, The Real Review

$31.66 Per Bottle


$94.99 (Case 3 x 200ml)

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  • Dasher & Fisher gins come from the Southern Wild Distillery in Devenport, Tasmania. They are an expression of the wildness and beauty of Tasmania's North-West coastal region. All of the Dasher & Fisher gins include the 'Tassie Trio' of ingredients - native pepperberry, lavender and wakame seaweed. From there, various different botanicals are used to give each gin - Mountain, Meadow or Ocean - its unique flavour profile.

    Not sure which expression best suits you? Grab this fantastic 3 Pack with 200ml bottles of the Meadow, Mountain and Ocean gins, and take them all for a test spin!



    Meadow Gin:
     Lifted floral aromas on the nose with a fragrant and grassy character. Did someone say meadow? Notes of coriander, pepper and hints of mint add complexity and depth. The palate is forward and quite dry, with lingering citrus notes, and a touch of honeysuckle sweetness, leading to a long and dry finish.

    Mountain Gin: The nose shows a restrained lime / pine note with hint of pepper. Fragrant and floral, and very enticing. The palate brings pronounced musk and pepper notes up front, with plenty of spice through the mid-palate, with a medium dry finish. A rich and rounded gin, with alpine freshness.

    Ocean Gin: Delicate and  attractive salty and subtle citrus aromatics, with less juniper notes and more iodine, umami savouriness. On the palate, the juniper is now more prominent and plays with the same salty/savoury characters on the nose as well as some floral, jasmine and rose-like elements. The finish is creamy, detailed and impeccably saline/fresh.


    Meadow Gin
    'Again very clean, fresh, and pristine with definite orange/citrus elements, but much more than that – very complex and fascinating. Again very long and warming. Superb.'
    Huon Hooke, The Real Review

    Mountain Gin
    'Lovely clean, fresh, pristine aroma with strong elements of cassia bark, also sandalwood, the palate very intense and penetrating, very long and pristinely clean. A fair bit of after-heat. Excellent.'
    Huon Hooke, The Real Review

    Ocean Gin

    'Very spicy gin aromas, complex and fragrant; it’s hard to isolate specific aromas except it’s spicy with plenty of cinnamon and juniper. Not sure I can taste the wakame. The palate seems sweeter and fuller than the other two D+F gins, and it is quite a different style.'

    Huon Hooke, The Real Review