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Distillery Botanica Garden Grown Gin

Distillery Botanica Garden Grown Gin

A gin crafted to invoke the sensory experience of strolling through an Australian garden in summer. Light, delicate and floral, this is a tremendous gin. Try it neat, or as a G+T, garnished with a sprig of thyme.

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  • Herbalist and horticulturist, Philip Moore, has turned his green thumbs to the fine art of distillation. From his 3-acre property in Erina, on New South Wales' Central Coast, he grows and cultivates a variety of botanicals, many of them native, to use in his spirits.

    What sets Philip and Distillery Botanica apart from other boutique distillers, is his use of enfleurage - an ancient technique of extracting aromatic compounds using oil, in this case coconut oil. The botanicals are placed in jars on a layer of coconut oil, and left to infuse for 2-3 days. In this way, fragrances are extracted without harmful heat treating which can destroy the delicate aromas.

    This approach to flavour and aroma extraction gives the gin an elegant, delicate, floral feel, in which the juniper takes centre stage. Everything is in balance, though, with the flowers and herbs providing a wonderful aromatic framework for the juniper to shine through.

    Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016


    Created to capture as purely as possible, the essence of strolling through a garden in summer. Featuring the hero botanical Murraya, which for many, epitomises the distinctive smell of an Australian Summer garden. This gin features the fragrance of jasmine, the sweetness of honeysuckle, and the purity of orange blossom.

    In order to extract the purest perfume, we use ‘enfleurage’, a thousand-year-old technique which involves placing florals and botanicals on a layer of coconut oil, into which their fragrance diffuses over two or three days.


    Crystal clear, shows good viscosity. The nose is pure and ultra fresh with a juniper and black pepper base overlaid by sweet floral top notes. Creamy yet vibrant entry on the palate with a seamless integration of juniper / herbal / floral flavours, leading to a delicate and multi-layered finish. After swallowing, the conclusion is slightly peppery, fresh and long.