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Maidenii Nocturne Vin Amer

Maidenii Nocturne Vin Amer

'My “wine” of the weekend, though, was Nocturne, a new amaro... It’s one of the most remarkable fluids to have flowed across my tongue all year.' 
Max Allen, The Australian

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  • Maidenii is the result of a collaboration between French winemaker, Gilles Lapalus, and Melbourne-based mixologist, Shaun Byrne. Based out of the Sutton Grange Winery, where Gilles is the winemaker, the duo have created a stunning range of boutique vermouths using both imported and native botanicals. The base wine used for each vermouth is sourced from Victorian vineyards, along with many of the native botanicals, including the vitally important wormwood.

    Nocturne is Maidenii's Vin Amer, or Amaro in Italian. Designed as a bitter digestif, it is made from 10 year old barrel-matured Syrah rose. Added to this, apart from the wormwood are a host of Australian native bush fruits and botanicals including muntries, riberries, desert lime and quangdongs. It also has a healthy addition of Yarra Valley black truffles from the 2015 harvest, with bittering agents from angelica and gentian root. The base wine and the botanicals are blended and matured for six months in old French oak barrels, before a grape concentrate is added for sweetness. Bottled unfiltered, it is a stunning digestif, perfect just over ice



    'My “wine” of the weekend, though, was Nocturne, a new amaro (or bitter fortified digestif liqueur) from Victorian vermouth producer Maidenii. This incredibly complex, startlingly original drink started life as a barrel-aged rose, with layers of flavour then built up through additions of botanicals such as quandong, pepper, munthurri berries and black truffle, and a mouth-hugging bitterness provided by gentian and angelica... It’s one of the most remarkable fluids to have flowed across my tongue all year.'
    Max Allen, The Australian

    'The botanicals in this vermouth include native pepper, quandong, munthari berries and truffle, while herbal bitterness comes from angelica root and gentian. It’s intensely flavoured in a bitter-sweet way, but remains refreshing.'
    Mike Bennie, Delicious Magazine