Coravin Model 2 Elite Piano Black

Coravin Model 2 Elite Piano Black

$519.99 Per Bottle


$519.99 (Buy 1 or More)

My Wine Guy Marketplace Product: Dispatched in 3-5 days.More info
My Wine Guy Marketplace Product: Dispatched in 3-5 days.More info
  • Owner and creator of Coravin, Greg Lambrecht, originally came up with the idea behind the Coravin Wine System during his wife's pregnancy. She wasn't drinking wine, which meant that for Greg to enjoy a glass or two, the rest of the bottle would need to be consumed in a timely fashion.

    But what if you don't want to consume a whole bottle of wine in one night? Or even over two nights?

    Greg came up with a genius system that allows for a portion of wine to be removed from the bottle, without removing the cork. A thin, hollow needle is inserted through the cork of the bottle. Inert Argon gas from a capsule is injected into the bottle, whilst a small amount of wine is drawn out through the needle. Once the needle is removed, the cork naturally closes up and the wine is preserved, oxygen-free.

    According to Lambrecht, wines that have been Coravined in this way, will last months, or even years depending on how much wine has been removed. There have been a whole host of blind, controlled experiments from industry professionals - critics, sommeliers and winemakers - and all agree that the Coravin Wine System is hands down the best wine preservation system on the market. In fact, many top-end restaurants are now using Coravin to allow their customers to order premium wines by the glass.

    It has revolutionised the way wine is ordered, poured and stored.