Dodd's Old Tom Organic Gin 500mL

Dodd's Old Tom Organic Gin 500mL

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  • This London distiller has emerged as one of the most exciting, and exacting projects of the UK’s artisanal spirit boom, and their Gin – Dodd’s – is undoubtedly one of the very finest of its genre. London’s first locally distilled Rye and Whiskey are to follow, but at the moment it’s the London Distillery Company’s outstanding, full bodied gin we are getting excited about.

    It’s exceptionally rare for a gin distillery to go to the effort and expense of sourcing the finest organic botanicals. Yet here, well north of 90% of the botanicals – which include Juniper and Angelica, along with fresh lime peel, red raspberry, bay laurel, and cardamom – are organic, as is the base spirit. Dodd’s London roots are celebrated by the inclusion of local honey, straight from the rooftops of London.

    Dodd’s is a unique marriage of two separate distillations; the bulk of the botanicals are distilled in a relatively small copper alembic still called Christina, while the distillation of the more delicate botanicals (such as raspberry leaf) take place in a small, bespoke ‘Cold Vacuum’ still christened Little Albion. The two spirits are blended for several weeks before bottling. Founder Darren Rook’s attention to detail extends to exquisite individually numbered, letterpress labels, which are printed on an old Heidelberg press and attached to each bottle by hand. These labels further establish Dodd’s environmental credentials - the beautiful paper stock is carbon neutral and was made using only wind power. This is gin (and presentation) at it’s very finest and most sustainable.