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NV Morris Of Rutherglen Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat

NV Morris Of Rutherglen Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat

'This Rutherglen Muscat has to be given 100 points.'
100 Points - James Halliday, The Australian March 2019

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  • 500 ml Bottles. Current blend/solera, direct from the winery, which matches the batch that scored 100 points by James Halliday. February/March 2019

    Sold in Single, Individually Gift Boxed Bottles.

    For over 155 years, the Morris family have earned their position as one of the most prominent winemaking families in Australia, with their name being synonymous with ‘Liqueur Muscat’ for many years. Today, David Morris, the fifth generation of the family to run the winery, ensures the Morris name remains one of Australia’s most respected.

    The Old Premium Rare Muscat is the champion wine in the Morris stables, and rightfully so gathers the most attention. This is an unadulterated liquid of pure joy and hedonism. Made in the traditional sherry-like Solera method, where older vintage wines are topped up with the fresh vintage in each passing season, this Old Premium Rare has some base vintages going back almost 100 years, and the average blend sits somewhere between 20 and 40 years of age. The Muscat is made from Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, using late-harvested grapes, that are raisined slightly before fermentation. The unctuos liquor is then fortified with a neutral local grape spirit, which ceases the fermentation process, before the wine is then left to mature in large format oak casks for years to decades.

    This is one of the greatest assets in International wine, and the wine style of wine that Australia has no peer on. Of al the great, iconic 100 point wines in the world, very few will ever be as accessible and well priced as this Morris Old Premium Rare Muscat.


    Located in the Rutherglen region of North East Victoria, the Morris of Rutherglen have 80 hectares of easterly facing vineyards which are planted on red loam over red/yellow poldzotic clay soils. The red loam helps produce red wines with greater flavour and richness. The vineyards gently slope, with the earlier budburst varieties being planted on the higher slopes and the later budburst varieties on the lower slopes (175m in altitude). The vines are grown on a single wire trellis 900mm high and are hand-pruned using the rod and spur method, whilst only being reliant on natural rainfall. This produces lower-cropping vines that offer fruit of high sugar levels and concentrated flavours.

    Grapes were selected for harvesting between 15 to 16 baume. In the winery, they were crushed and allowed to start fermentation. The fruit had considerable hang time on the vine allowing for high sugar levels and intense flavours to develop. Once the desired baume level was reached, pressing occurred, and a high strength neutral spirit was added to arrest fermentation, before being transferred into casks for maturation. Only the best wines from the best vintages were chosen to blend the Old Premium Rare Muscat; a true art of balancing very old and much younger material.

    Vintage NV
    Grape varieties 98% Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains
    1% Muscat d`Alexandria
    0% Durif
    0% Muscat à Petits Grains Rouge
    Region Rutherglen, Victoria
    Winemaker David Morris
    Alcohol (ABV) 17.0%
    Acidity 5g/l
    Residual Sugar 365g/l
    Wine pH 3.62


    The older vines impart intense, concentrated and luscious flavours with aged complexity to this wine. These are complimented by fresh fruit characters from the younger wines. In the glass, the wine is a dark olive brown with a green tinge on the rim. An intense bouquet of raisin fruit and soft woody characters delight the nose. The palate shows great depth, length and complexity with rich and luscious flavours of sweet spices, dried raisins and christmas pudding.


    'This has a tsunami of luscious spices, raisins dipped in chocolate, and dried fruit flavours, yet has enhancing freshness, length and a bright finish, rancio in high relief. This Rutherglen Muscat has to be given 100 points.'
    100 Points - James Halliday, The Australian March 2019

    'Like 100 Christmases in the one glass. Ancient material blended across decades and decades, delivering immense depth, layering and complexity. Smells of dark toasted wood, dark chocolate, currants, raisins, plum paste and alluring, fragrant spices. The palate has a smooth, pillowy texture, rich and spicy raisins and ebb and flow of dried-plum flavors, emanating warmth in treasured layers. Drink now. Screw cap.'
    100 Points - Nick Stock, JamesSuckling.com (August 2018)

    'Dark brown colour with daffodil-yellow rim. Very thick in the mouth, black flavours, beyond fruit or chocolate flavours, though some very intense mocha and espresso. Far more difficult to describe than the others because it’s so tight and tightly woven, so harmonious. Garrigue herbs, even a touch of peach, too. Powerful, sweet, almost medicinal. Probably less approachable than the previous wine, but incredible. Drink now, to eternity.'
    99 Points - Decanter (2013)

    'Probably the signature wine of Morris... The oldest material in this wine goes back over 100 years, and on average is over 20 years, but that’s not an exact science either.

    Dark brown with bright olive green tinges for colour. Sticks to the glass. Holy Moses, the aroma! Smells like sepia-toned olden days! Rancio, molasses, old wood, dried fruit, spice, mustard powder. Insanely complex. You could inhale and have a good time. SO rich to taste though, dense, unctuous, rolling with waves of molasses, concentrated dried fruits, wood spice and yet freshened with a glassy undertow of acidity. I don’t know how much length there is here as I can’t stop tasting it, and yet a briny zing helps the palate get past the richness too. So complex and dense. Layers and layers in a potion that feels like it moves without urgency. Decadent and glorious. Emphatically awesome.'
    98 Points - Mike Bennie, The Wine Front (Reviewed 2013)

    'Very deep tawny-brown colour with black tints, a little yellow-green in the rim. The bouquet is very rich and toffee/raisin-like with rum-and-raisin chocolate notes and the palate is tremendously rich, viscous, concentrated, powerful and long. It stains the glass - a profound wine of great age and quality. Great balance and seamless palate texture. An outstanding muscat.'
    98 Points - Huon Hooke (May 2018)

    'The juxtaposition of extreme complexity and concentration with unusually smooth mouthfeel will undoubtedly add to the speed with which the glass is emptied - if consumed outside home, a designated driver is essential. Possibly from a batch with a little more young(ish) wine included.'
    97 Points - James Halliday (October 2017)

    'Imagine the aromas of a cloved orange pomander, the best dark chocolate and toffee, raisins plumped up with brandy, this Rare has that and a hundred times more. The palate ineffably complex save to say smooth, warming and in tiptop shape. 500ml.'
    98 Points - James

    'Rumour has it that Morris is privileged to the largest reserves of old Tokay and Muscat in the country, and a recent poke through its grand barrel shed reveals a heritage like I have seen nowhere in the world. The price at which you and I can procure a bottle of this heritage is laughable, making Morris’ twenty-year-old rare as affordable as the grand tokays of many other houses. In a 500mL bottle (most rares are sold in 375s), this remains one of the undiscovered treasures of the wine world. Its colour is immense, black, with barely a rim. It’s laced with raisins, dried apricots, white fruitcake and gorgeous savoury spice of immense persistence, with a backdrop of lively acidity perfectly offset by honeyed sweetness, wonderfully seamless and balanced.'
    98 Points - Tyson Stelzer