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Poor Toms Imbroglio Amaro

Poor Toms Imbroglio Amaro

A fantastic alternative to Campari, from the legends at Poor Toms. Right at home in a spritz, mixed with soda, or paired with Poor Toms Sydney Dry Gin and vermouth in a Negroni.

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  • The guys at Poor Toms have come up with Australia's answer to Campari. Their new aperitivo bitters, called Imbroglio (Italian for a messy situation), has just landed. And it's delicious!

    Made using similar techniques to their gin, they individually distill Seville oranges and mandarins plus ten more familiar gin ingredients—juniper, et al. Add to the mix 13 steeped herbs, fruits, and vegetables (including gentian, wormwood, strawberry gum, and beetroot), and the ensuing calamity is a fresh, herbaceous frenzy that will make you forget whether you're coming or going.

    This bitter/sweet Amaro Australiano is right at home in a Negroni, a spritz, or straight over ice.



    The nose is fresh and bright with obvious citrus notes dominating, but with added complexity from herbal and spice notes. Like all good amaro, the palate starts with a sweet, spicy, citrus-y burst up front, before a tangy mid-palate, and then a delightfully bitter finish. Perfect over ice, or with a spalsh of soda to make a slightly longer drink.