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Sliabh Liag An Dulaman Maritime Gin

Sliabh Liag An Dulaman Maritime Gin

'Floral seaweed, herbal seaweed, savoury seaweed, peppery seaweed – it’s all there and seems to broaden out the impact of herbal juniper... Distinct, different and in our opinion – delicious.' 
The Gin Foundry, ginfoundry.com

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  • It has been over 175 years since a (legal) distillery graced the rugged shores of County Donegal, but thanks to Sliabh Liag (pronounced SLEEVE LEAGUE) Distillers, Donegal is back in action. Positioned along the peninsula that juts out into the cold Atlantic Ocean in north-western Ireland, Sliabh Liag are a distillery to watch. Currently producing a Gin and a blended Irish Whiskey, their expansion is underway with plans to run their own new-make spirit in 2020. Based on the quality of their current offerings, they are bound for a bright future.

    The An Dúlamán Gin is crafted to reflect the wonderfully rugged coastal setting and its surrounds. Over a classic base of juniper, angelica, cassia, coriander, orange and lemon peel, An Dúlamán uses five types of local seaweed. Channel Wrack, Sugar Kelp, Dulse, Pepper Dulse and Carrageen Moss are all used to bring a beautifully balanced coastal feel to this stunning maritime Gin. Add a splash of Vermouth for a wonderfully saline Martini, or add a premium tonic and garnish with a twist of lemon for a delicate and complex G+T.


    Channel Wrack adds firmness, Sugar Kelp gives sweetness and Dulse spikes the blend with its savoury saltiness. Pepper Dulse yields a distinctive spicy, umami note and Carrageen Moss provides a delicately nutty sweetness. Each seaweed is prepared separately, and the gin is distilled using the standard London Dry method, save for the vapour infused Carrageen Moss.

    Bottled at 43.2%, Sliabh Liag’s still (Forsyth-designed), likes a low ABV in the pot, and the distillers run a narrow temperature band to manage the delicate seaweeds. To top it off the distillery takes a super narrow cut of only the purest spirit.


    The palate has incredibly bright and soft juniper to the fore and as it subsides An Dúlamán’s complexity is revealed in rich umami, brisk salt and then a buttery oyster smoothness with hints of chestnut and firm tannin. Given time, sweet notes of turkish delight ebb to a comforting warmth.


    'There’s a surprisingly perfumed floral tone that appears almost instantly to taste as if violets were in the mix (again, seaweed showing its full spectrum), but it’s all offset by the zing of lemon and orange at first, then the residual heat that only cassia can bring to finish. Somewhere in the mix is juniper, which is harder to discern in An Dúlamán not by its lack of predominance but because the bulk of the flavour crowds around its piny nature. Floral seaweed, herbal seaweed, savoury seaweed, peppery seaweed – it’s all there and seems to broaden out the impact of herbal juniper to a point where it’s gin, but the hit is no longer a singular resinous note but a fractured chord that riffs off it and that works in harmony. Distinct, different and in our opinion – delicious.'
    The Gin Foundry, ginfoundry.com

    Silver Medal (London Dry) - World Gin Awards 2019

    Silver Medal (Contemporary) - The Gin Masters 2018